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What is a
Studying Visa?

A study permit authorizes a foreign national to engage in academic, professional, vocation, or other education or training in Canada.  Studying in Canada could be an option for a foreign student to obtain a high-quality education, Canadian work experience after graduation, and the ability to transition to permanent residence.  A foreign national with a study permit needs to demonstrate that they are actively pursuing studies.

A Study Permit is required if

  • Programs of more than six months in duration

  • Any programs that require a co-op or internship

  • A minor is accompanying a parent(s) who is in Canada as a visitor

  • The person is from a visa-exempt country


Criteria for a Study Permit

  • A valid passport

  • Present a letter of acceptance from the educational institution where they intend to study

  • Be able to pay the tuition fee for the course or program that they intend to pursue

  • Be able to financially support themselves and any family members who will be with them during their period of study 

  • Be able to cover the transportation costs for themselves and any family members to and from Canada

  • Pass the medical examination

  • Police certificate may be required




Why Use an RCIC?

The Canadian immigration process is extremely complex and complicated.  Pierview Immigration's  Certified Immigration Consultant (RCIC) work hand-in-hand with all clients from the very first stage all the way to providing post landing services. Pierview Immigration tailors a unique solution for every clients to suit their different needs. 


Using a RCIC can really make a difference from the very beginning. Pierview Immigration is  specially trained, qualified and intimately familiar with all Canadian Immigration Policies and processes to ensure success of all clients' applications. Pierview Immigration helps clients do it right the very first time.

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