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Humanitarian &
Compassionate Ground

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Free Eligibility Evaluation & Assessment

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Step-by-step Guidance throughout the Process

What is
Humanitarian &

Humanitarian and compassionate considerations are an important element of Canada's immigration.  It is a mechanism to overcome problems or deficiencies in application to immigration to Canada or to obtain status in Canada.  Typically, applicants who apply to the H&C consideration class do not meet the requirement for Canada's family reunification, economic, or refugee programs.  Nevertheless they still present compelling cases for permanent residence. 


The Humanitarian & Compassionate class has the discretion to exempt foreign nationals from the ordinary requirements of the law and to grant permanent residence to applicants who would otherwise not be able to meet statutory and regulatory criteria.  When a person can demonstrate his or her circumstance is such that he or she would face unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if refused, this will justify granting the application.

An application for permanent residence on H&C grounds has two stages of assessment:

  • An assessment of whether there are sufficient H&C considerations to warrant the requested exemption(s) from requirements of Immigration laws.

  • A final decision to grant permanent residence on H&C grounds.




Why Use an RCIC?

The Canadian immigration process is extremely complex and complicated.  Pierview Immigration's  Certified Immigration Consultant (RCIC) work hand-in-hand with all clients from the very first stage all the way to providing post landing services. Pierview Immigration tailors a unique solution for every clients to suit their different needs. 


Using a RCIC can really make a difference from the very beginning. Pierview Immigration is  specially trained, qualified and intimately familiar with all Canadian Immigration Policies and processes to ensure success of all clients' applications. Pierview Immigration helps clients do it right the very first time.

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