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PR Card & Citizenship

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What is PR Card &

A Permanent Resident Card is a card issued to permanent residents after they arrive in Canada showing proof of immigration status.  The PR Card is valid for five years and should be renewed.  Permanent Residents may leave Canada and re-enter provided that the PR Card is valid and has complied with the residency obligation.  The PR Card is the property of the Crown and can be revoked if any of the following events occur:

  • A new card is issued

  • The permanent resident losses permanent resident status

  • The PR Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed; or

  • The permanent resident is deceased


Obtaining citizenship is the goal of many immigrants.  In Canada, citizenship, along with its full rights, privileges and duties, can be obtained by three means:

  • Right of soil (entitlement to citizenship by birth on the territory of Canada with exceptions)

  • Right of blood (citizenship by descent)

  • Naturalization (also known as "a grant of citizenship")

Applicants for a grant of citizenship should include evidence that they meet residency and tax filing requirements.  The particular aged 18-54 should prove language proficiency and knowledge of Canada.


Canadian citizens sometimes need or wish to renounce their citizenship.  A person loses all rights of being a Canadian citizen by renouncing citizenship.  The most common reason is in cases where the person's other country of citizenship does not allow dual citizenship, and the person wishes to become a citizen of that country another country that does not all dual citizenship.

Requirements to renounce

  • Does not reside in Canada

  • Is not a minor

  • Is a citizen of a country other than Canada

  • Is not prevented from understanding the significance of renouncing citizenship because of the person's mental disability

  • Not be a threat to security or a criminal, or

  • Subject of a citizenship revocation




Why Use an RCIC?

The Canadian immigration process is extremely complex and complicated.  Pierview Immigration's  Certified Immigration Consultant (RCIC) work hand-in-hand with all clients from the very first stage all the way to providing post landing services. Pierview Immigration tailors a unique solution for every clients to suit their different needs. 


Using a RCIC can really make a difference from the very beginning. Pierview Immigration is  specially trained, qualified and intimately familiar with all Canadian Immigration Policies and processes to ensure success of all clients' applications. Pierview Immigration helps clients do it right the very first time.

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