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Permanent Residency

Cases Handled by Qualified RCIC

Free Eligibility Evaluation & Assessment

Tailor Made Solutions 

Step-by-step Guidance throughout the Process

What is


All foreign nationals who wish to make Canada their permanent home must apply to become permanent residents.  A person with permanent resident status has most of the same rights as Canadian citizens under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as the right to live, work, and study in Canada, and must pay taxes and comply with Canadian laws.

To obtain permanent resident status, a foreign national must apply under one of the following immigration programs.

Economic Class

  • Skilled Immigrants

    • Federal Skilled Worker

    • Federal Skilled Trades

    • Canadian Experience Class

    • Provincial Nominee Program

    • Quebec Skilled Worker


  • Business Immigration

    • Start-Up Visa Program

    • Self-Employed Program

    • Quebec Investor Program

    • Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

    • Owner-Operator LMIA

  • Caregiver Program

    • Home Child Provider Pilot Program

    • Home Support Worker Pilot Program



Family Sponsorship

  • Spousal Sponsorship​

  • Dependent Child Sponsorship

  • Parent & Grandparent Sponsorship

  • Adoption




Why Use an RCIC?

The Canadian immigration process is extremely complex and complicated.  Pierview Immigration's  Certified Immigration Consultant (RCIC) work hand-in-hand with all clients from the very first stage all the way to providing post landing services. Pierview Immigration tailors a unique solution for every clients to suit their different needs. 


Using a RCIC can really make a difference from the very beginning. Pierview Immigration is  specially trained, qualified and intimately familiar with all Canadian Immigration Policies and processes to ensure success of all clients' applications. Pierview Immigration helps clients do it right the very first time.

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